Online Reiki Healing Meditation

For those clients who prefer to stay at home or who live further afield, an online Reiki healing meditation is an amazing and effective alternative to visiting me here, at Bury St Edmunds Reiki.

30-45 minute



Reiki in your own home

I understand that this is an unsettling time for some, and other may simply prefer not to travel for Reiki treatments. For you, online Reiki healing meditation is a wonderfully effective way to experience Reiki at home.

There is no need for you to be able to meditate, if you are unused to meditation; I will be guiding you throughout, taking you on a journey, telling you a story.

It’s a very simple process. I will make contact with you via phone or laptop. You will play some soothing music and make yourself comfortable in the privacy of your own home. You only need to be able to hear me during the session. I will send Reiki to you throughout and I’ll take you on a wonderful, healing journey through guided visualisation, which will encourage you to relax, de-stress and allow your body to heal itself, all the while with the help of amazing Reiki energy.

See below for a recent client testimonial.

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Client testimonial

“Julia is a wonderful Reiki healer. She has helped me via internet calls to access Reiki and I now have full movement after an accident. I was in a lot of pain, but two sessions with Julia have given me my mobility and the anxiety I had has completely disappeared.

Julia put me at ease very quickly and led me straight into the healing meditation. I would thoroughly recommend this means of Reiki healing to everyone. Julia’s talent shines through even on video call.”

– SB, July 2020


Client testimonial

“In the comfort of your own home being taken on a journey to a place to just be and to be in that space, cocooned. Focusing on your breathing and the softness of the tone and pace, Julia’s meditation takes you to uninterrupted bliss. You can feel that light energy giving you all that you need.

You can imagine being in that place that Julia takes you to and being at one with yourself and your surroundings. Imagine the kaleidoscope of colour that comes into your vision, feel the grass under your feet as if you were really there, hear the birds singing in the trees, see the sparkling of the crystals and feel the energy they emit, be enveloped in the warmth of the moment, it was all there for me. I felt the profound benefits that Julia’s experience gave me. Give meditation at home a go, your overall wellbeing deserves it!”

– Lorraine, August 2020


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